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Teach Your Dog How To Be a Dog

Building the  connection between Human and Canine since 2020.

Certified, Insured Dog Trainer and professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Do you yearn for a productive, healthy relationship with your canine companion?

We can help provide the guidance, structure and tools sometimes necessary to take training to the next level, or start in a proactive flow.


1 - 1 Training Lessons

Since these lessons are private the training is tailored to your lifestyle. This time can be utilized for leash walking,  behavior modification such as dealing with anxiety or other unwanted behaviors, confidence building, learning how to control your dog's energy and much more! 


Do You . . .

Ever feel embarrassed by your dogs actions but can't figure out a solution?

Want to help your dog live up to their potential?

Ever get frustrated when your dog can't control themselves?

Want to learn how to build a positive and balanced relationship with your dog?


Dog Training Consultation

Is it a struggle for you to balance the never-ending variables of every day life and  create a training routine for your dog? 


Are you not sure how much help you need, just that you need help? 

  • We discuss how behavior gets reinforced(sometimes unintentionally).  

  • Specific behaviors your dog is exhibiting

  • What your goals are for your dog,

  • Guide you towards solutions that are in depth and fit with your lifestyle.

My Story

My Story...

My name is Grace Allard, I am a certified and insured Dog Trainer. 


Pet Dog Training, Shelter Dog Training, Behavior modification. 


As a kid I would do short "training sessions" with my dogs teaching them to go through hoops, sit, jump on random things, go through my legs, anything that seemed fun. Little did I know what was brewing inside of me! I have and continue to harness the education in the dog behavior world to better impact my clients and truly the canine population itself. 

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What Clients Are Saying . . .

"It's nice to know someone who is such an advocate for a dogs voice"
Areas We Serve

By appointment only, emails should be responded to within 24 hrs.


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Serves a broad area in NE Florida, contact us to find out more!

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