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My Story

My name is Grace Allard, I am a certified and insured Canine Behavior & Training Specialist (CCBTS), and Shelter Dog Trainer (SDT). As a kid I grew up in the north, Vermont. I would do short "training sessions" with my dogs teaching them to go through hoops, sit, jump on random things, go through my legs, and anything that seemed fun. I would always insist on bringing them to sporting events or out with my friends as we lived in the country. Once I got older I was drawn to all animals, and improving their lives. What always stuck out to me was what I couldn't change, or help make an impact on: biggest thing being the mistreatment of animals, and unwanted dogs. My goal was always to save dogs, and help dogs and people be matched correctly, be more responsible, and of course, lessen the amount of unwanted dogs in the world (every little girls dream, right?!) I never knew what I was getting into coming to the south as an adult, but being here has shown me the amount of dogs that are lacking such foundations that it can impact so many things in a home life. 







Puppies gained my interest due to noticing what a lack thereof there was in the industry as well as for pet dog owners. A new puppy, especially one between 8-12 weeks old is FULL of potential. When they are young, small, and cute- we never think to focus as much on training as we should. With fun, simple, and short practices you can show your puppy (when they want to listen) how to succeed in the world instead of waiting until they are already failing. It is much easier to show a dog how to act, than to fix an unwanted pattern.






Dogs, puppies, shelter dogs, or well bred purebreds they all pose a set of requirements and problems along the way. My goal in working with all of the above is to be able to help canine and owners see each others potential and build a positive a structured routine to succeed in daily life. Shelter dogs sometimes come with baggage, and unwanted learned behaviors. Part of behavior modification is understanding that just like us humans, it takes time to learn to do something new 


Head Trainer Grace Allard has been a professional member of the IACP- International Association of Canine professionals since 2021 and certified through ABI since 2019. 

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