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My Story

My name is Grace Allard, I am a certified and insured Canine Behavior & Training Specialist (CCBTS). As a kid, I would do short "training sessions" with my dogs teaching them to go through hoops, sit, jump on random things, go through my legs, and anything that seemed fun. I would always insist on bringing them to sporting events or out with my friends as we lived in the country. As I got older I was drawn to all animals, and improving their lives. Which ultimately ended up in talking my mother into rescuing a highly aroused and wild problem child that was 135 pounds of pure love. Learning with other trainers how to help him is how I started my journey, only after I was incredibly happy finding ABI and ABC colleges as well as IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) as they helped me realize my dream... dog training. Being able to be a part of a community that focuses on understanding a dog in depth, and not only trying to fix their problem behavior but understanding where the root of the issue lies, and how to create a language to affect change is why I do what I do. Since I have become certified and continue my professional and educational journey I have gained lots of experience around puppies and their developmental needs being able to specialize some private and group services around that age bracket. 


Puppies gained my interest due to noticing what a lack thereof there was in the industry as well as for pet dog owners. A new puppy, especially one between 8-12 weeks old is FULL of potential. When they are young, small, and cute- we never think to focus as much on training as we should. With fun, simple, and short practices you can show your puppy when they want to listen how to succeed in the world instead of waiting until they are already failing. It is much easier to show a dog how to act, than to fix an unwanted pattern. This can come up a lot at the vet, with new people, in public places, etc. which all are a very necessary part of a dog's life. The training I do can include certain fun conditioning at vets which can set your puppy up for a boatload of success.

Other things about me are... I moved across the country with my Australian Shepherd Echo and live in an RV. I have since started a passion for fostering when I have the time commitment for puppies with a couple of partnered rescues and ended up keeping a foster Sully who has helped me understand reactive, scared, and unsocialized puppies/ dogs and how to help them navigate the world. I have a large passion for nutrition and raw/ natural feeding as well as socialization and just how much it affects dog behavior.


I have been a professional member of the IACP- International Association of Canine professionals since 2021.

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