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At Graceful Touch, a growing Dog Training business I use a holistic balanced approach to help you train your dog based off of your lifestyle. I use a variety of methods and tools to best impact individual dogs and owners. One of the most important things is creating a language with your dog- through gaining the ability to feel safe,  learning how to cope in sometimes uncomfortable but necessary situations as well as obedience and confidence building I can help you reach that goal!

Dog Training Consultation

During Consultations, We discuss the differences between dog psychology and human psychology and how behavior gets reinforced(sometimes unintentionally). We then talk about the specific behaviors your dog is exhibiting, what your goals are for your dog, and guide you towards solutions that fit with your lifestyle. I then explain some of the dog training techniques for you and give you the start to a training plan for moving forward. Consultations are a great way to get started, as you'll receive a large amount of information in this session, as well as clear action steps to take to meet your goals. These are typically done over the phone(unless it's just basic obedience then we can move right on to lessons) and last about 30-45 minutes and are $25.

In-Home Private Lessons

In - Home private lessons can be a great option if you prefer to work one on one and need some specialized help with problems stemming from home routine.( This can be as simple as greetings at the door, or a dog who needs more structure in their daily life) Since these lessons are private the training is tailored to your lifestyle. Private lessons can be used for leash walking, behavior modification such as dealing with anxiety or other unwanted behaviors, confidence building, learning how to control your dog's energy and much more! The first lesson will always look a bit like a consultation so we are able to make a plan that fits your needs. I offer individual lessons and packs of lessons that last about 45 minutes to a hour each.

1 lesson- $85

4 pack of lessons- $265

6 pack of lessons- $355

8 pack of lessons- $465

In - Home Board & Train

Board and Trains are one of the most reliable ways to ensure you have the best chance at a happy life with a well trained dog! Whether it be learning a set of basic commands reliably and precisely (sit, leash walking, down, stay), potty training, socialization, levels of reactivity, behavior  problems, recall and more. It takes 3-6 weeks just for the foundations to be laid for long lasting behaviors. Dogs learn strictly based off of patterns, consistency and reinforcement. If a dog has an inconsistent schedule of learning it becomes much more difficult to progress. That's where I come in! Having your dog stay with me during this crucial time helps advance them in ways that sometimes they can't at home. With multiple lessons a day,  enrichment and a strict routine and even better learning these patterns in a home, not a kennel your dog thrives. Board and Trains can be very useful, however are not a quick fix and training must be continued into the home for success. To aid this process the package includes a midway and go-home training lesson, video footage to reference, as well as a lesson 1 week after your dog returns home.

2 week Board and Train- $999

4 week Board and Train- $2,235

6 week Board and Train- $3,150

Group Classes

Puppy Foundation: The Art of Raising a Confident Puppy

Contact us to get on the waitlist for my upcoming class! 

We cover all the basic foundations in this class. Starting with recall work (come), energy training, confidence building, and proper socialization. We will also go over the importance of downtime and rest, crate training, and  confidence building. Puppyhood is the best time to begin training and build a solid foundation. 

Adult Manners 1- Train a Calmer Dog

Contact us to get on the waitlist for my upcoming class! Meets Tuesdays and Sundays for a total of  8 sessions.


Teaching dogs how to be calm in a structured, but new and exciting environment in public with added confidence building and leash work. The benefits of teaching your dog to be calm are monumental, from lessening destructive behaviors and easing anxiety to learning new ways to focus your dog's energy on productive and fun training sessions and outings. The last day of class will be the graduation test. Graduates will receive their next leash and are welcome to move on to Adult Manners 2 and 3! 

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