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"A homey experience away from home"

While there are multiple benefits to boarding your dog in a kenneled facility... in-home boarding has its own set of positive attributes you just can't replicate!

Boarding in a home, where I have constant access to your pup. 

Exclusive availability, meaning your pup's physical and mental wellbeing will be our largest priority along with our own animals.

Staying with a Certified Dog Trainer

  • Knowledgable on behavior quirks

  • Knowledgable on proper handling techniques

  • Understands proper socialization and has proper boundaries in place (fenced yard, boarding room for maximum comfort, and an extra kenneled area to top it off)


$40 a dog per day.


$5 fresh food filled kong

$5 extra walks

$35 work on basic command such as 

  • sit

  • down

  • loading up in the car

  • stay

  • leash skills

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